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STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU by Luna Jade… Taking a classic rock hit for a soulful, bluesy spin.

Available on:
iTunes || Amazon Music || Google Play
and other popular digital distribution and streaming sites.


USE ME by Luna Jade… A fresh new take on Bill Withers' iconic hit.
Classic funky soul with a modern edgy groove.

Available on: iTunes || Amazon Music || Google Play,
and other popular digital distribution and streaming sites.

more releases to come...

recording, audio engineering, vocals, production, etc. by yours truly.
I’ve been a bit busy ;)

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Welcome to my Work-In-Progress

I use W.I.P. to refer to this site, as well as myself. As a busy technology professional and artist, I am in constant motion, exploration, education, and development... giving both sides of my brain a workout, creating my little heart out.

I consider myself a perpetual student, but then aren't we all?
Continual learning and growth... it's what we humans do.  

( So much to know and experience... so little time. What an incredible era we live in! )

My personal projects (such as this site) often take a back seat to my work. I look forward to expanding on this and sharing more of me with you.
So, check back with me in a bit.

In the meantime...

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A creative, and versatile technology professional with extensive experience in software development (front and back end), systems analysis and design, the creation of Web / eCommerce / Business applications, and multimedia production (audio, video, graphic).

Some of the technologies I use to develop apps, software, websites, etc.






Additional tools include:

ASP.NET MVC, MVVM, C#, Java, Web API, Entity Framework, WPF, XAML, JQuery, JSON, AJAX, Bootstrap

Skills and services expand as new opportunities, client needs, market trends, and new technologies present themselves.

More info:
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A deeper view into my techy left-brain side.


An M.B.A. in Quantitative Analysis / Operations Research... a quant who changed gears and became a Software Engineer.


A versatile technology professional with an extensive background in software development (including enterprise-level back end), systems analysis and design, the creation of Web / eCommerce / Business applications, and multimedia production (audio, video, graphic)


An innate insatiably curious mind that loves to explore, learn, and utilize new technology.


The business analyst / data scientist side that sees the patterns and possibilities coalesce from the data.


An investigative mindset that loves the challenge of crunching on a design conundrum and formulating a software solution.


A designer with an artistic eye for conceiving and creating digital graphics, interfaces and visualizations.

Eclectic Creative

Left and right brain vying for control… and working in concert.

There is a very important aspect of me that permeates all that I do:
I love to create.
and if I can create something to help or inspire others - which is often my intent... even better!

Whether it is music, art, or software - all those creative expressions fit together like pieces of a puzzle, nourishing and amplifying each other...
creating a whole that is a synergistic sum of the parts.

Original Music

Singer/songwriter, musician, composer, producer, audio engineer, and recording artist


Professional performer with an expansive vocal and stylistic range.


Visions of time, space and emotion lovingly captured so that they may be shared.


Digital designs, hand-drawn artwork, visual, decorative, and wearable creations.

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